Welcome to the web site dedicated to Westboro High School Class of 1963 50th WHS 63 Class Reunion in Westborough, MA in 2013. (All of that is to help Search Engines find this page!)

This site is dedicated to gathering and disseminating data for the reunion in a highly secure format. For general information about classmates, biographies, galleries of photos, forum, and guest book, you want to go to Ruth's beautifully designed site at http://www.foreverhomefriends.com/

This site is password - protected. You must have a user name and password to get in. To get them, email John Elberfeld at JElberfeld@aol.com. Include something in the email that will convince him you are really YOU! The reason for the password is that we want to have a secure site with a private class list with contact information so you can arrange car-pools, share your house with class mates, arrange special gatherings with friends before, during and after the reunion. None of that is possible if you can't contact your old friends, and most people are not comfortable sharing all that contact information on an open web site.

The reunion site is based on MediaWiki, just like WikiPedia. Once you log on, you can make changes for any page by clicking the Edit tab. When you discover a classmate's address, and they agree they want it posted, YOU can do the addition. You can leave messages for classmates, and you can delete anything you don't want shared with the class, as well. Of course, if you are having a really bad day, you can also destroy the entire site, but we have faith that won't happen.

Please read the instructions below before going to: Reunion Site (Password Required)

When you get to the secure site, click on the Log In link in the upper right hand corner.

Enter the User Name and Password that John Elberfeld sent to you.

To get in, click: Reunion Site (Password Required)

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